Fabulous Weaves by Brittni'

Gorgeous Flat & Undectectable 

                                                                         PARTIAL WEAVE - $100.00

A partial weave is 3 - 4 rows of tracks added throughout the hair  to add fullness or they can be placed together in the back to add length 

                                                                                     TRADITIONAL WEAVE - $200

A traditional sewn in weave is the most natural looking weave .Hair is braided to create a base for sewing. Hair is left out at the top & around the perimeter (optional) for blending to achieve a more natural look. Hair can be pulled back & up for a ponytail. 

                Adding   NET  - $10.00

A net is used to protect the natural hair I strongly recommend using the net because it plays an important role in the longevity of the weave.  With a net weave you are able to shampoo your weave more vigorously. The net reinforces the cornrows and will keep your hair intact. Its also great for persons with fine/thin hair , hair loss ect. 

                                                         FULL WEAVE ( Lace Closure ) - $250
Fully closed in, all hair is braided & covered;

(U must purchase a closure w/ this Weave) 

                                                                        ADDITIONAL SERVICES 


1 step color $25 ( per bundle) 

dark colors  

2 step color $45 ( per bundle )

vibrante colors that require lifting ( bleach) then dye